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Teen Top?

Bias Member:  L Joe
Most Attractive:  L Joe lol
Marry, Kiss, Hug, Fuck: L Joe, Chunji, Changjo, CAP
What originally attracted me to the group:  L Joe’s face, honestly. lol!  But then I actually got into the group and their music! 


Bias Member:  Daehyun
Most Attractive:  Daehyun, Youngjae
Marry, Kiss, Hug, Fuck:  Yongguk, Youngjae, Zelo, Daehyun
What originally attracted me to the group:  Again, rappers. haha! No, but seriously.  B.A.P. debuted and I was hooked. 

Thanks for answering my ask thingy~ Sorry it was just an obvious group......how about maybe one like Block B? Aha~

It’s an obvious group that I love tho so it’s perfect! haha! 

Block B!!

Bias Member: B-Bomb
Most Attractive:  B-Bomb or U-Kwon
Marry, Kiss, Hug, Fuck:  B-Bomb, U-Kwon, Jaehyo, Zico
What originally attracted me to the group:  It’s been so long that I can’t really remember how I got into Block B.. I think, once again, it was probably the hip hop feel.  I have a problem. haha! 


BTS? ahahaha sorry I'm sooooooo original XD

I knew someone was gonna do this one. lol! 

Bias Member: V <3
Most Attractive: V!
Marry, Kiss, Hug, Fuck: V, V, V, V… no, jk. V, J-Hope, Jimin, Rap Mon
What originally attracted me to the group: I am sucker for rappers, and kpop/khiphop. lol!

Send me an idol group and I’ll tell you…

Bias Member:
Most Attractive: 
Marry, Kiss, Hug, Fuck:
What originally attracted me to the group:

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Kai: When He’s Sick

Author’s Note: Happy Labor Day! Kai scenario for believeinkris! I hope this is something like you wanted! I literally wrote it in like twenty minutes. LOL.

Love you guyyzzzz!

<3 A


Days like today made you want to do nothing more than cuddle up in your huge, comfy bed in your tiny, cozy apartment and drink endless amounts of hot chocolate while watching your favorite drama on your laptop.

It was snowing, as it always did in the middle of January in Seoul. You pulled your scarf tightly around your mouth and shoved your hands securely in the pockets of your large coat as you hurriedly made your way towards your apartment building. You had picked an apartment complex not far from the college, a wise choice on your part given the extremes Seoul weather had on it’s city. It only took you ten minutes to get from your last night class to the front door of your apartment, but the snow and ice were proving to make your journey difficult as you carefully stepped over ice patches on the sidewalk.

You shivered against the wind, glancing around at the people who were still out running errands at nine o’clock at night. You smiled softly, shaking your head. At least you weren’t the only person who ended your days at midnight. Seoul truly gave meaning to the saying “the city never sleeps.”

You continued on your way to your apartment, taking in the night life scenery and pushing all thoughts of your chemistry exam to the back of your mind. You turned on the street leading to your apartment, making your way past the park and a row of park benches by the swing sets. However, you stopped at the sound of groaning and frowned when you heard a lump on one of the benches start coughing. You tentatively made your way over, taking your hands out of your pockets and leaning down to shake the stranger’s shoulder lightly.

“Sir?” you asked carefully. “Are you okay? Are you sick?”

He opened his eyes and glanced up at you, his brow furrowing together in confusion. You blinked, recognizing him the minute his eyes fluttered open.


He opened his mouth to respond but another string of coughs erupted and you winced, rubbing his shoulder comfortingly until his coughing fit passed.

“What are you doing on a park bench?” you asked him. “Do you live near here?”

His name is Kim Jongin, though you’ve heard his friends refer to him as Kai on more than one occasion. You attended the same high school and had been part of the same graduating class. He was one of the popular boys that the girls always wanted to date. You had thought he was a jerk, just like the rest of the jocks in your high school, but he was surprisingly sweet and even helped you carry your books to class every once in a while. You hadn’t seen him since the day of your graduation two years ago, but you thought of him sometimes when you would meet with old high school friends.

He nodded, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep here..” he mumbled, sniffling. “I just sat down for a minute…”

You took off one of your gloves and placed the back of your hand over his forehead. “Your burning up, Jongin..” you said quietly. “How far away is your house?”

“If I take the bus—”

You shook your head. “C’mon. It’s freezing out and your fever is way too high for you to spend anymore time out in the cold.”

You leaned down, taking his hand and pulling one of his arms over your shoulders and wrapping your free arm around his waist. You pulled him up before he could protest and began making your way towards your apartment once more. You heard him mumble something, probably telling you he was fine but his words died out and you felt his head droop on top of yours.

He was so tall, and kind of heavy. Never the less, you somehow managed to get him back to your building, up three flights of stairs, and through your front door with minimal difficulty. You helped him back to your room where you practically dropped him on the bed and you let your body slump in relief. You glanced over at the boy passed out on your comforter and you leaned over him slightly to feel the side of his face. He was still hot.

You meant his temperature, of course.

You sighed, giving him a once over, and realized that his clothes were still damp from the snow. You tilted your head in thought, realization hitting you and you quickly shook your head to get the idea out of your mind. What if he woke up? That wasn’t the most appealing of situations to be in. Instead, you focused on getting him to the head of the bed where he could relax, carefully placing his head on one of the pillows. You sat on the edge of the bed, brushing some of his wet bangs out of his eyes only to realize that he was shivering, even in his sleep.

You sighed again, dropping your hand from his forehead to run it through your own hair instead. If you left him in his wet clothes then his fever was sure to spike up. You shook your head again and took several deep breaths before deciding.

Those clothes had to come off.

You stood up and leaned over him, getting to work. You grabbed the hem of his shirt and carefully pushed it up his body, glancing at his face after every other movement to make sure he was still passed out. You managed to get it under his shoulders before giving up and pulling the shirt over his head sloppily. With the exception of a few groans, he didn’t stir, much to your surprise. You let out a heavy sigh in relief and stared at his jeans, a blush creeping up on your cheeks.

“Whatever,” you mumbled. “It’s not like he’s waking up anyways.”

With that mindset, you went to work on his damp jeans and quickly rid him of those. You took his clothes to your laundry room and set them aside to wash before searching for something for Jongin to wear. You quickly came to the realization that you had no clothes that would fit him and you mentally cursed yourself for not thinking this through.

Giving up, you turned and made your way back to your room and over to the sick boy in your bed. You saw that he was still shivering and his skin was starting to become clammy. You carefully maneuvered the comforter out from under him and pulled it over his body instead, tucking the the fabric against his sides to generate some warmth. Once you were finished, you made your way to your kitchen to grab some wet rags and a bottle of water. When you were back in your room, you sat on the bed next to him and pulled your hair back in a sloppy bun on top of your head. You started dabbing the wet rag against his neck and forehead, taking his temperature every so often to see if it had gone down.

You continued like this for a few hours, watching a drama quietly on your laptop while you ran a new wet rag over Jongin’s neck. Taking his temperature, you saw that his fever was finally starting to go down and you sighed in quiet relief. Closing your laptop, you pushed it and your supplies aside to lean back against your pillows. You closed your eyes, throwing one of your arms over the top of your head.

You were completely exhausted.

It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep, all thoughts of the sick boy in bed next to you forgotten as you quickly drifted off. The bed shifted next to you but you were already in such a deep sleep that you didn’t notice. Someone pulled the comforter over you and shifted down into your pillow more, taking the arm that was over your head and stuffing it underneath your pillow as you rolled on your side instead.

Jongin smiled softly from his spot next to you, doing his best to cover up a sneeze while he watched you sleep.

“Thank you,” he said quietly before letting his eyes slide shut as well.

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Good luck with school T.T i feel you. I dont want to back to school this year either, and buying super expensive texbooks before classes isnt helping :/ -parkdobyul (formerly purpledreamdust ^^)

my school books were 600 dollars this time.. not as bad as it could have been but geez! they are just textbooks!! lol!

Holy crap did you just really follow me, I freaking love your scenarios and you in general and I've read a lot of your scenarios and just spazzed and ohhmaaagaaaaaaaa you just followed meeeee /screams/

omg, seriously?! I love YOUR scenarios!! I was up like all night reading them! lol!