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Hi sorry I didn't read the rules I'm the anon that asked for the jealous scenario it can be just for yongguk ><

It’s fine! No worries! :))

this isn't a request but I keep looking for more of the b.a.p one shot scenarios because I really loved the Zelo one you did ^.^. but tumblr keeps kicking me out everything I scroll down your page. would you mind giving me a link for the rest? thank-you!

sure! here you are :) 


Lay: Pillow Talk

Author’s Note: This is probably the shortest scenario I’ve ever written, but I feel so bad for not posting anything yet and I’m exhausted from working 75+ hours a week. I need to make money for KCON! This is also the most pointless scenario I’ve ever written and I apologize to madnguyenn who requested it after I put out a mass post begging people to request Lay scenarios. XD

So here is some Lay fluff. Or pillow talk.

I’m so sorry. LOL.

<3 A



It was days like today that you loved the most. Quiet, peaceful days where the rain fell heavy and your bedroom stayed dim save for the little light filtering in through the blinds. Your favorite drama was still playing on the television even though you slept through the last three episodes. Your boyfriend laid next to you, one arm tucked under his pillow and the other stretched out so it hung over your hips limply. You smiled softly, rolling on your side carefully so you wouldn’t move his arm and disturb his sleep.

He slept peacefully, his mouth slightly open and his cheek pressed against the pillow so his lips formed an adorable pout. You laughed quietly, moving your hand to brush his bangs out of his eyes. He stirred, his lips forming a frown and you quickly moved your hand away and pulled the covers up over your mouth and nose instead. You smiled sheepishly when he finally opened his eyes and he laughed quietly.

“You woke me up.” he said, his voice still rough with sleep. You blushed lightly.


He smiled, his signature dimple making it’s appearance and he used the arm over your hip to pull you against his chest.

“You’re lucky that I like you,” he said teasingly, his tone telling you that he was starting to wake up fully. You laughed softly and snuggled more against his chest as you wrapped your arms around his middle to hug him back. He rested his chin on top of your head and sighed—you could tell that he was still exhausted and it wouldn’t have surprised you if he fell asleep again right there.

“Do you want me to make some dinner?” you asked lightly, keeping your voice quiet in case he was really going back to sleep.

“In a minute,” he mumbled, pulling you closer and turning his face to bury it in your hair. “I don’t want you to leave yet.”

You smiled again. “It’s just the kitchen, Yixing..” you said, tone amused in an attempt to cover a blush that you knew he couldn’t even see.

“I like cuddling with you.”

You laughed again and snuggled further into him. You hugged him tighter and he squeezed you back in return.

“I love you,” he said quietly. You could tell from his tone that he was already drifting off again.

You smiled, turning your head at a somewhat awkward angle to place a kiss against his temple.

“I love you, too, Yixing.”  

Do you know any method to stop liking and loving a certan kpop singer? I cannot give up on Jungkook after trying for months, it's incredible the hook that this artist has on me..what a frustration cause he's like 8 years younger! I don't feel okay but he won't let me choose someone else as bias..

awwe, I wish I had some helpful advice but I have the same problem everyday!  It’s crazy how these boys suck us in and won’t let us leave!!  

You’re definitely not alone, anon! <3

You're awesome <3

You’re awesomer!! :D 


The “To Do” list has been updated!

Go look at it here to see what scenarios are coming up!! <33


Yongguk: First Meeting

Author’s Note: Yongguk for anon! I hope this is something like what you wanted!! Let me know what you think!!

<3 A


It was a hard decision when you made the choice to move to Seoul, finishing out your degree at Seoul National University as a foreign exchange student. You missed your family and your country, but South Korea was turning into a home in itself. You had only been in Korea for a month but you were already making friends and you were loving your classes.

It was finally the weekend and you were about to spend your first night out in Seoul with your new friends. Most of them were from your classes and there were a few you had seen around while hanging out with your friends elsewhere. Although clubbing wasn’t really your thing, it seemed to be a big deal in your part of Seoul and your friends were begging you to go.

So now you were walking through the tall black doors leading to the club, your heels muffled by the pounding of the bass beneath your feet. You dressed simple—well, as simple as you could for a night out in Seoul—wearing a fitted black dress and black heels to match. You let your hair down, a few natural curls cascading down your back and shoulders and you kept your makeup light. It was dark inside clubs. It’s not like anyone would be able to see your face anyways.

You followed your friends to a table in the back corner, you arm looped through your roommate’s as she dragged you down in the booth next to her. You took a seat, grinning at one of the boys laughing across from you before taking a look at your surroundings. It was a small club, and not as fancy as you were expecting. It almost looked like a garage, two of the walls painted black with black light graffiti covering them while the other two walls across from each other were made of brick. There was a stage in the front where a few boys were currently dancing, attracting several girls in the club who kept gathering around the front of the stage and snapping photos and videos.

“Oh, he’s here!”

You tore your attention away from the stage to look at your friend across from you who was currently standing in his chair and waving over another person. You took the water that your friend brought you and took a sip, glancing up when a new face joined your group. You were greeted with a pair of deep eyes and a gummy smile, and when he opened his mouth his voice mingled with the bass in the club.

You watched as him and your friends talked, waiting patiently for someone to introduce you.

“Have you two met yet?” your friend asked, looking between you and the stranger expectantly. You shook your head and smiled, holding your hand out.

“My name’s _____,” you said, your tone rising a little out of politeness. “It’s nice to meet you.”

He grinned and took your hand and you swore you felt his finger tips shock yours but that didn’t make either one of you let go.

“That’s a pretty name.” he said easily, still grinning down at you.

You arched an eyebrow at his smooth reply but smiled again none the less.

“Thank you,” you answered. “What’s your name?”

“I’m—” he started but your friends were suddenly grabbing his shoulders and pushing him away from the table. You blinked when your hand slipped out of his, a little disappointed at the loss and you looked at your friends in confusion.

“They’re calling your name!” they kept saying, laughing at his expression when he realized that they were right. He grinned at you again before putting a hand up in retreat and pushing his way through the crowd and up to the stage. You frowned, not hearing the MC over the sounds of screaming fans and you sat back to sip on your water and watch him climb on stage.

You weren’t prepared for what happened next and you watched him, completely mesmerized by his voice and the way it fit so perfectly with the music. His words came out smoothly, each line he rapped getting deeper—whether it be from his voice or the meaning behind the lyrics. You kept your eyes on him the whole time, watching the way his body moved to the music and his lips effortlessly kept in time with the beat.

When his performance was finally over, the whole room burst with applause and screams. The girls who had been taking photos of the dancers before were now gushing over the performance and watching him as he made his way back to your table. Your friends all jumped up, cheering and patting him on the back. Surprisingly, he took a seat next to you and that gummy smile found it’s way back to you.

“Yongguk,” he said and held his hand out for you to take for the second time that night.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

I get so distracted while writing scenarios, even if I’m totally into the story.  It takes me like three hours to write two paragraphs.

HAHAHA THIS IS NOT OKAY MIN YOONGI and that gif you put is killing me TT i want a bestfriend like that (along the other Suga's scenario you did before too) I LOVE IT

haha right?! I love it!! <33