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Unnie~ :< when will "as fate would have it" be.. updated? I've been waiting T^T

awe, I know! I’m kinda stuck with it.. that’s the story I pretty much started my page with and now I don’t know what to do with it!  But I haven’t forgotten about it.. I just need to plan it out more before I continue writing it.

I’m sorry!  It will get updated eventually though!  Maybe I can work on the next chapter of it after I get through some of these requests:)


When will requests be open again? :'( I literally just found you and started following you and I stalked you and I love you and we're soulmates yeah


Honestly, I have no clue when requests will be open again. heh.  

I have the To Do list posted on my page but then I have two other lists full of Hyde and One Shot requests that are private so you guys can’t see how many requests are on there.. it’s a little insane, really.  I’m totally in over my head. loll. 

But I will definitely open requests up again when the public to do list is finished! Maybe… two months? I’ll tryy!

Thank you for being so patient!! 


Leo: Bet

Author’s Note:  Leo angsty fic for anon.  

I’m honestly in a really weird state right now and I typed this up without really proofreading or anything.  I’m sure I’ll go back and fix any typos once I’m feeling like myself again.  

However, I’m feeling angsty so what better way to let it out all that to write something angsty? 

It’s probably not that good but let me know what you guys think anyways. 

<3 A


Every once in a while you could feel yourself longing for one of those “fairy tale” moments you hear the popular girls gossiping about in gym class. A romantic date, a kiss goodnight—all things that you always wanted but never had.

Until him. Your best friend of three years finally made his move and you couldn’t have been more happy, or surprised.

He was the popular, typical cute jock and you were the not-so-popular but also not-so-nerdy girl next door. Literally.

You had always helped each other—or you had always helped him. You couldn’t count the number of times you lied for him, helped him sneak out of his house, or came up with excuses when he was feeling rebellious and wanted to skip class with his friends. He was always working hard and things, like school, came more naturally to you than him so it was only fair that he get a break every once in a while, even if it was at your expense.

This had always been your relationship, until that fateful day when he appeared at your locker and asked you to be his girlfriend.

It was a dream come true—or so you thought.

Now, you sat alone on the staircase in the school hallway, the one separating the upper classmen rooms from the lower classmen. You dug your palms into your eyes, trying to get rid of the tears that wouldn’t stop coming. You hiccuped several times in an attempt to control your breathing. You knew you were overreacting, you had to be.

He was supposed to meet you almost half an hour ago, as soon as soccer practice ended. You had told him it was urgent and he promised to hurry. Something in your gut, however, told you that he was taking his time on purpose. Perhaps he already knew and wanted to avoid the conversation as much as you did.

You waited fifteen minutes longer when you finally heard the slow moving sound of his footsteps. You lifted your head warily, watching him as he climbed the stairs and took a seat next to you. You sat in silence for what felt like hours but only two minutes passed before he finally spoke up.

“Is everything alright?” He asked, keeping his eyes on the soccer ball lodged between his feet. You chanced a glance up at him and swallowed heavily when you saw him staring down instead of looking at you.

You waited, not answering right away. You watched as he shifted in discomfort under your gaze and, for the first time since he sat down, you felt the tiniest bit of satisfaction at how uncomfortable the situation must be for him. Maybe now he could understand your feelings a little bit better.

“I talked to Hongbin today at lunch.” you said quietly, your gaze faltering a bit to stare at a rip in his jeans instead of his face. He was silent for a moment before responding. He still didn’t look at you.


There was something off about the tone in his voice. Something didn’t feel right and you felt the walls inside your chest pulling at each other, clenching closer together.

“He told me everything.”

Taekwoon froze. You didn’t have to look at him to know it, even though you had already moved your gaze from his jeans back to his face in hopes of finding some sort of reaction. You felt his body go stiff and he finally spoke.

“What’s everything?” he asked somberly.

“The bet,” you answered, your voice holding no sort of infliction or emotion. “He told me about your bet with Hakyeon—”

He cut you off, finally turning his body to look at you and he stared down at you coldly.

“What bet? Did you ask him about it?” he asked quickly. He was getting angry but you knew he was really panicking. You’d had known him for years—there wasn’t anything you didn’t know about Jung Taekwoon.

“I didn’t have to,” you spit out, your temper rising with his. “Apparently he felt so guilty that he came and told me everything himself. Taekwoon… please. It’s not true, is it?”

You stared up at him, your eyes blazing with the emotion that you couldn’t find only thirty seconds ago.

“Our relationship… it’s just a gamble to you?”

He stared at you, his anger slowly fading and turning into a different emotion that you’d never seen him wear before. Pity?

“…. I’m sorry, ____-ah..” he said finally.

There it was. The confirmation that you hadn’t been hoping for but knew you’d receive. You didn’t wait for him to finish and you dropped your forehead in your hands.

You felt him scoot closer to you, but he made no other moves to comfort you otherwise.

“.. You’ve been my best friend for years, ____-ah. I know it was stupid and I’ve felt bad since this whole thing started—”

You put a hand up to stop him, but you didn’t left your head.

“Please..” you said finally, desperation laced between each word. “Just go.”

You kept your head down, not waiting to see if he would actually leave. It took several minutes, but you heard him sigh and felt him stand up next to you. He picked up the soccer ball and you saw him shuffling his feet around before taking a step down the staircase.

“..We’re still friends…right, ___-ah?” he asked you quietly, the tiniest hint of hope in his voice.

You didn’t answer. You wanted to say no, and you almost did but you chose to stay silent instead.

You couldn’t forgive him, not now. Maybe, not ever.

Surely, he understood.

Or maybe it was just another gamble.