23. Arkansas. Addicted to my dog, videogames, and hair dye.

I'm currently not writing smut/M rated scenarios. I'm way too awkward for that.

Happy reading!


BAP "One Shot" Requests are CLOSED. <3

VIXX "Hyde" Requests are CLOSED. <3

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coolhalla said: I had one about VIXX ken and Ravi fighting over me then I was awake and hell I still don’t know who won

omg that would kill me lol!

I had a dream about a week ago about Mark from Got7.  We were on a date and suddenly Lay comes out of nowhere and goes..

"When are you coming home?"


Quick Update

I’m still here!  School is just getting really busy right now.  I keep having plans to write some scenarios but then school and life intervene.  Hopefully,  I’ll find some time this weekend! 





I wasn’t aware that calling someone a “cunt” and a “bitch” was the way to get your point across.

Oh right, it’s not. 

Because all that does is make you look like some insecure fourteen year old potty mouth who’s trying be all bad with her classy words. 

Let me make this very clear that this is not about me, first off.  I don’t have time for this kind of unnecessary drama, and I usually wouldn’t even post anything in the first place. 

Anon hate doesn’t get to me.  Yes, I get it on the occasion but I never post it on here because nobody needs to see some of the utter bullshit people will say for attention.  But not everyone is like me and anon hate can really hurt.  And it should—because it’s bullying.  It doesn’t matter if it’s someone older or younger than you, it’s bullying and words can hurt more than most actions do.  

I hope you don’t talk to your parents like that, little girl, because if you were my kid then your ass would be sticking out of a corner where your nose was, ya feel me? 

My best friend is beautiful and the most creative person I know.  I can only wish that I had half the talent she does.  

Can't wait to get married ! LOL

Hell yeah!  Car insurance! LOL

I love you, my dimsum <3

I love you, my mandu! <3


RIP Rise.

Stay strong LAVELY.